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Post by ChiaRoseKuro on Wed Dec 21, 2016 7:44 am

In case anyone was interested in the work that AkashiEri and I put into improving the site, we've placed a running log of updates that have occurred to this site. Seeing as it's relatively new and we're all working our way around things, this will probably be filled up in due time. However, with any luck, any and all updates will be made clear to everyone, so that everyone can enjoy their time here more~

To make life easier for us, though, I'm only going to state important updates (e.g. major additions to the site, changes to the coding framework that doesn't involve me adding font). Things that predate this post will also not be added, mainly because trying to timestamp everything would do my head in.


( December 21, 2016 )
The Chatbox has been added to the bottom of the homepage.

( December 22, 2016 )
Snowman has kindly donated a new banner for our forum!
The image for section backgrounds has been changed for another

( December 24, 2016 )
The Elite RP section has been split into 1x1 and Group subsections
[ 5 RPs are to be included in each section, so that the section background doesn't break ]

( December 28, 2016 )
A rudimentary tabbing system has been added to the forum's BBCode

( December 31, 2016 )
Tab height restrictions have been changed from 300px to 600px
Following mass coding failures, temporary changes to maximum image width have been reverted to 500px

( January 1, 2017 )
Another forum has been created for HTML, CSS and Javascript testing

( January 7, 2017 )
A new subforum, for fanworks, has been added to the Elite Archives section
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